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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

"That was one bit of information. There's plenty more. Do a search and than re-calculate."
You are making a category error and thus missing the point. It makes no difference how many examples of cloud-seeding you take (I think there are hundreds at present) they will NEVER have a significant effect on the WEATHER. read THE THREAD.

"Your example of cloud-seeding in the midwest would be weather modification."
Misinformation. Have you EVER heard mention of their consequences in a weather forecast? Has there therefore been a conspiracy to conceal these consequences?

"If cloud seeding changes the weather. It modifies it. Duh!"
Cloud-seeding modifies CLOUDS. That's why it's called cloud-seeding. And why your TV Weather program isn't called "TV Clouds".

How little DO you understand about the Earth on which you live?
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