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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

Originally Posted by JazzRoc View Post
"Unfortunately very little is known about the results of these experiments other than the fact that 9 storms were seeded."
That's about one "storm" per year? What size "storm" might that be? Weather? You joke with me.
Cloud-seeding is and has been regularly undertaken in the midwest US for sixty years now. It is used to prevent large storms from building (by causing them to precipitate sooner than they otherwise would). This limits the hailstone size to that not large enough to damage crops. It's BIG BUSINESS and also a jolly good thing to do.
But is it weather modification?
Of course it ******* isn't.
"Weather" is what you get on your TV. You know, THE BIG STUFF - cyclones, anticyclones, fronts, winds, jetstreams, temperatures, precipitations (and you'll note that cloudseeding changes the NATURE of precipitation, not the AMOUNT)..

It is what YOU are doing that is misinformation. You are confabulating "cloud-seeding" with "weather modification" in an unscientific and antisocial manner right now.
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