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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

"According to what you have written on this thread, I am under the impression that you know very little about this topic and the earth on which you live."

"You continue to contradict yourself."

Cloud-seeding modifies the weather"
As reported on TV? NO. Nor as measured by atmospheric scientists either.

"just as creating water vapour clouds modifies the weather."
There are NO SUCH THINGS as "water vapor clouds". There is "water vapor" and there are "clouds".

"Clouds are a vital source for weather on Earth"
NO. The Sun is. The SEA is. The ATMOSPHERE is. All three are necessary. Clouds will form as a consequence.

"without them weather would not exist"
See above.

"Ah, I never said cloud-seeding was a conspiracy."
Nor did I say you did.

"You would be wise to discontinue attributing comments to me that I have not written."
I'll do so if I ever do so.

In other words, making-up things that I have not said (i.e., lieing).
You mean "lying". Where did I do that?

I'm not being rhetorical here. Answer my questions and quit the astroturfing.

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