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Default Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

ha ha
Your presumption is formidable . Truly the natural man cannot receive things of the spirit nor, in your case, of the irrefutable truth of confirmed prophecy proving the veracity of God's Word.
You have bought the lie , love it and imitate the very thing you deny. The fatal fault of many pseudo 'seekers'.
...but you will never suffer for company in this world

Originally Posted by iHIMself™ View Post
Written by god. lol. The bible is nothing more than a compilation of works, written by men, and published by the government itself. God's word is living. It cannot be written.

Why is it that if the dinosaurs are a hoax, then the bible must be true?? Or vice versa? Why can't both be discredited? Or at least questioned?

The fact dinosaur fossils are found after millions of years, yet other species dissappear within a few is reasonably questionable. People believe what they are taught at school as fact, because they have not been taught to question. They are not taught, apart from the french revolution, communist russia, or the third reich, that the greatest enemy of the people has been its own government, and we should always question everything that is fed to us by them.
There is absolutely no proof that we have been on the moon, yet if you question it, people find it ridiculous.
We come from a generation where, if you questioned authority, you were burned at the stake, executed, or thrown into a mental institution.

Fact is, all living species that die, as the bible states, will return from where they came. From ashes to ashes, dust to dust. There is no dust to fossil.
This is a pseudo science, like climate change, that has never been touched by any REAL celebrated scientist of our times.

If you understand anything about evolution, then the possibility of dinosaurs ever existing, is actually pretty good. But the fossilisation of such bones surviving millions of years????? absolute zero.

Entertainment. I've enjoyed it. Jurassic Park was a great movie. Aliens....anything to get your mind away from absolute truth. Truth that the past is now...the future is now.

Before there ever was....I am.
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