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Default Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

Originally Posted by Pruner Man View Post
ha ha
Your presumption is formidable . Truly the natural man cannot receive things of the spirit nor, in your case, of the irrefutable truth of confirmed prophecy proving the veracity of God's Word.
You have bought the lie , love it and imitate the very thing you deny. The fatal fault of many pseudo 'seekers'.
...but you will never suffer for company in this world

What? Huh? Man cannot receive things of the spirit......nor irrefutable truth??? confirmed prophecy?? proving the veracity of gods word?? What on earth are you on about?? Of course we can receive things of the spirit. Where's the irrefutable truth of CONFIRMED prophecy? About as confirmed as Nostradamus.

Originally Posted by iHIMself™
The bible is nothing more than a compilation of works, written by men, and published by the government itself.

Thats about the only irrefutable truth that exists.

And what did i buy, love and imitate that i deny??

A pseudo 'seeker' does not exist. That is an oxyMORON. If there is a god, and he wrote the bible through the credited authors and had it purposely published through social dictators, then he will accept me into the gates of heaven regardless. Because I seek. Whether right or wrong, mislead, or confused. I seek for HIM. It's not so simple to turn a stone, and find HIM there.

Besides, this is about dinosaurs. Not God.

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