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Default Re: Allied holocaust against the German people

It's about time the whole fraud was blown wide open and those who pimp off the memories of so many dead be kicked firmly up the arse.

I would hate however for anyone to think Hitler was a nice guy. He was not.

The Special Police Detachments existed and they slaughtered hundreds of thousands in the occupied territories over a number of years...from Poland to the Baltic States to the Ukraine they lined them up in mass graves and shot them.

Germans did not cope well with the job. Many deserted, committed suicide.

"Lowly" peasants would have to be employed from the original territories, many who had lost loved ones to the Soviets to keep the killing going. Even then they had to be made completely drunk.

Not much is told of what the Germans found when they invaded. Whole prisons of "political" prisoners wiped out. Mass killings of the Soviets as they departed.

Then there was the original mutilation of German soldiers by the Soviets that got the German army all riled up and then it became tit for tat.

After 1943, when the Allied air offensive really got going the entire German road and rail network was under constant attack. By early 1945 it was in collapse and that is why you find so many "wasted" bodies in camps. The germans could barely feed there own people.

In time a more balanced view of the war will be told.

The Allies had to grossly exagerate the 'crimes' of Nazi Germany. They had supported the murderous regime of Joseph Stalin...the Allies themselves had a lot to answer for and had to paint the Germans as murderous as possible to justify their own war crimes.

A couple more things...think about this...the Germans are one of the most efficient in the world. The war was in part because France and Britian could not compete with Germany in industry. So...the Germans starve to death their labour camp industry as the historians claim? Ridiculous!

And Zyclon B...a pesticide! The Germans developed Sarin! They could kill a man with a pin prick but they throw "pellets" of pesticide through a hole in the roof? Give me a break!

I used to use 1 ton! pallets of cyanide (pure!) in the mining industry to extract gold. Occasionally you'd drop one off a forklift and the entire contents would break open. Would I run in complete fear screaming in terror!!!! No! You'd amble off the forklift and shovel it back into the wooden a white plastic suit with respirator, but many a day i'd amble over to a spill in my normal workclothes watching others shovel the stuff back in. Real deadly eh?

No one uses "Cyanide Capsules". An EXTREMELY slow and painful way to die. It's "Prussic Acid"...extremely deadly.

Also you must understand the terror "typhus" caused in camps. It was deadly and spread rapidly. The Germans tried all measures to contain these outbreaks.
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