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Default Re: The Theory of Relativity is Wrong.

Originally Posted by JazzRoc View Post
"Just because 'commonsense is being particularly picked apart by science' and that 'science has extended the parameters of commonsense outside of direct human experience' doesn't necessarily mean that its arguments are therefore entirely valid and beyond any form of criticism."
YOU are arguing from "commonsense". That won't work. The only argument that works in science is a scientific argument - that is one which is working using the common conceptual framework in that scientific field, that specific terminology, that specific understanding. To do anything other than that is to piss into the wind. What you believe to be a coracle in a stream is in reality an ocean liner in mid-ocean.

"Physicists can be accused of hiding behind a veil of obscurity".
Only by a coracle user. The "veil of obscurity" is your projected "veil of ignorance". If you "knew" the context and had something new (and correct!) to say about it, then you would suddenly know everyone, and they you.

"If you believe small particles of matter can be in two separate places at the same time, can travel back in time"
I do.

"and are subject to psychic interaction with the observer"
I don't.

"is entirely your own business and I won't bother you at all with your freedom to think such things. All I can do is recommend that you watch the following again but a little more closely this time"
It ill behoves you, in your parlous state of ignorance, to do this.

You have already clearly misunderstood me. Bone up on English comprehension.
Your ploy JazzRoc appears to be to hide yourself behind a cloud of philosophical utterances.

The main point we were discussing seems to have been left behind some time ago......
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