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Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
Flouride as in flourinating water is not what can be put in prozac. It is the same stuff as they put in toothpaste to keep your teeth strong. But if you are concerned, then all you have to do is boil your water and it will go away.
Yes, and if you read the back, it says...DO NOT SWALLOW. And boiling your water does NOT dissolve fluoride. It hardly removes the salt. Boiling it only kills bacteria. And some of it is actually very good for you.

Latest test results show that fluoride, and fluorine, actually increase bone density, but actually makes the bone weaker and more susceptible to damage and infection.
It was used to treat alzheimers patients until they discovered hips were snapping, arms, limbs and all sorts of breakages uncontrollably. Discarded as successful treatment today, some firms still use fluorine as a treatment, but with clear absolvency of responsibility of "side effects".

Fluoride filtration systems exist, but are slowly being reproduced to minimise the filtaration of fluoride. To keep the kids with healthy teeth.

Funny, that the same organisations that endorsed fluoride (a toxic waste from aluminum plants that cannot be dispensed in the soil or the ocean due to its obvious results), is the same organisation that endorsed, and denied, any harm in the production and use of asbestos.

What is most freightening, is the government proposing the introduction of fluoride in bottled water. With this country one of the highest producers of aluminum, we don't seem to be drinking enough of it.

The "safe" consumption of fluoride has been set a 1ppm. In alcoholic terms....let's say 1%. If I were to continuously drink, I will, as you all know, eventually intoxicate myself. Cannot the same be said for the fluoride in the water? Yes, it is safe to drink a glass, at 1ppm, but if I continue to consume it, that 1ppm, doesn't mean anything anymore. I will be intoxicated. And it is not alcohol, it is a toxic substance that will kill you, and your family's generations to come.

When did 8 glasses of water a day become a necessity? In the last 5-7 years? Hmmm. For thousands, if not tens of thousands, of years, people would carry buckets that served an entire village for a day. But now we must be drinking at least 8 glasses to remain healthy. Pfft.

Eat fruits. 90% water.
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