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Default Re: Zeitgeist Movie Refuted

Without any holy texts then what evidence is there for a god?

Obviously zeitgeist is full of holes, most of it I don't believe but then I was an atheist before I seen the movie. The only interesting and most likely true part for me was part 1. in relation to the sun and how this is most likely the basis for most supernatural beliefs. It sheds light on mankind in an interesting way (no pun intended).

But today we humans have science and it can explain better the universe in which we live far better than any supernatural stories. This is way religion is on a downhill trajectory in the educated world. Religion was used to first explain the universe, and then to try to help weak individuals with the prospect of a better life after death, especially if you'd suffered in this world.

Although science cannot explain the biggest question of all, 'why are we here?', yet religion can, does no sway me. Science has got no answers, only theories - but all those theories make actual logical sense! ....actually can religion answer that question? Not really! Although science has not a clue on why the big bang happened or what was before it, religion states god created us, but what before him? Who created him?

I feel sorry for people that grasp to the threads of religious doctrine, and I do not mean to insult as most of my family are catholic. As determined as they are now to their belief in god I can see a day in the future free of religion, when young children ask their parents about a time when the masses believed in a man in the clouds.
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