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Default Re: Does 9/11 Prove US Run by the Mafia?

Originally Posted by iHIMself™ View Post
Is this 'conspiracy forum', or 'hey, it can't possibly be a conspiracy forum'?

Some of these comments make me giggle.

The US is NOT run by the Mafia. The US is not even run by the US.

It is a GLOBAL conspiracy. Donot forget Spain, London, Bali, and a host of attrocities all over the world, in the name of TERRORISM. Not nice to be conceited.

The mafia is no doubt being used, but itself, is fractured. There is no one DON of the Mafia. So don't speak of it as if it were an entity of its own.

Wasn't Hong Kong captured for the Opium trade? Do you think Pablo Escobar was a 'rogue' producer of cocain that needed to be eliminated?

The war on drugs is about destroying the small business man from the trade. Not about caring for our children, eradicating epidemics. In matter of fact, the creators of epidemics, such as cocain and heroin, are none other than the governments that claim to be fighting it.

It is a HUUGE industry, that has lasted at least 200 years.

The best drugs are free, and any small trip to south america will confirm this. But they are working on it.
I would like to point out that the Spain, London and Bali bombings don't in fact prove by themselves that the US isn't run by the Mafia.

The suggestion is that perhaps the issue of corruption is not just confined to the US alone.

I'd just like to get the logic right.
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