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Default Re: Zeitgeist Movie Refuted

Originally Posted by commonsense View Post
Without any holy texts then what evidence is there for a god?
To even suggest it must be written in order for it to be fact, is absurd.

The world was factually flat for a thousand years, even though the ancient greeks knew about the solar system, a thousand years earlier.

The interpretation of God varies between cultures.

Xtians believe Jesus was God. A father that gave birth to himself, sacrificed himself, whilst asking how has he forsaken himself, before raising himself from the dead to join himself in heaven as himself. Sigh.
Muslims and Jews on the other hand, believe God is God, and nothing is as Great. Muslims honour jesus as a prophet. Jews do not. Yet they all fall in the...'forget your life now, do as you're told, so you can live forever in the next life. With 72 virgins, even '.

There is no next life. This is It. Forever. Amen.

I believe God is LIFE. ALL life. His word, cannot be written. Every LIVING thing evolves, so to write it down, is only a fragment of time. Not reality.

Karma, is real. Every LIVING thing has electricity running through it. Magnetism. The planets, the stars, me and you.

There is only but ONE force. ONE god. And it is LIFE. And it tries to evolve in as many different ways as is possible, and not possible. In his image, in ALL images. ENDLESS images. ENDLESS colour, not black or white, good or evil.

Yin Yang....Black IS white

I am, therefore he be. I can create and destroy.

Before there ever was....i am.

The hand is not a foot, but of the same body. Letter to Corinthians. Awsome.
Every hair on your head, has its own shape, its own life, and dies/falls out in its own time, yet belongs to your body. So it is with you and god/life.
You live your own, follow your own path, destiny, and die when it's time, but you are a part of ARE him. Another image of HIM.

If you haven't read the bible, then you are only denying yourself of one of the most revered texts in history.

But just because one sentence is brilliant and TRUTH, doesn't make the rest of it true now does it?
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