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Default Re: Does 9/11 Prove US Run by the Mafia?

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
I would like to point out that the Spain, London and Bali bombings don't in fact prove by themselves that the US isn't run by the Mafia.

The suggestion is that perhaps the issue of corruption is not just confined to the US alone.

I'd just like to get the logic right.
It is a GLOBAL conspiracy. Let me shoot your idea of America down in flames, because you seem to cherish Uncle Sam as if it were really your uncle.

America.....was BUILT by foreign money. You may claim to be American, but you are a descendent of some, most likely, European country. Just don't seem to have the respect or decency to acknowledge it. I do.

American independence, was about the abolishment of foreign taxes. Paid to Britain, obviously. Our war of independence did NOT end, until the acceptance of a FEDERAL bank. Notably, independent of American control.

You see, we were NEVER really independent. Our nation is used as a front for the global elite, who do not, and rightly so, attribute themselves to ANY nation. At least not so much as you would to your home State, City, Town, Street, or whatever.

America.....was BUILT by foreign money, and is OWNED to this day, by foreign money, and the only reason you feel saddened by this, is because you're ignorant of it.

The fact you persist in believing the Mafia is so powerful as to control an entire nation that was built, and is still owned, by a conglomerate of foreign wealth and power beyond measure, is quite hilarious indeed.
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