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Default Re: government/hollywood propaganda

"Kingdom Of Heaven".

I have not seen it but it's obvious where it's going.

Does anyone think it's a coincidence that Ridley Scott gives us a view of Imperial Rome in Gladiator with a suitable hero and the dissing of the Senate as hopeless? The ONE mighty man to save us?

Then we get the utter tripe of "Black Hawk Down" right on the start of the "War On Terror"...the kiddies were crying in there seats for those brave American soldiers armed only with helicopter gunships, APC's and state of the art surveillence against high tech natives with AK 47's and RPG's.

And now THIS! A crusade for fucks sake!

Go and watch the trailer at...

Near the top is "Ridley Scott creating worlds".

In it, Ridley Scott says..."What i'm more known for doing is creating worlds"...which then effortlessly moves into a clip where we have the old King played by Liam Neeson saying..."a new world, a better world than has ever been seen, that is what lies at the end of a crusade".

It must be nice Ridley. Paypacket from the studio and another from the Department Of Homeland Security - Hollywood Propaganda Department.
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