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Default Re: you do realize that they are prob. watching you

ever notice the street lights on the street corners and intersections or where ever there are traffic lights.. next time take a good look. see the camras.. there are camras on major hiways to. there are camras in all the malls and stores you go to. and then this new thing they are trying to keep secret. they realy do not want byou to know about.. when you watch your tv set.. they are looking right at you. yes thats what i sead.. a new signal that interacts with the catray tube in old tv sets. and the new ones has electronics built in for spying.. you know those ipods..ot only see what you see on it.. they know your exact location. the next time you buy a desk top computer. when you boot it up the very first time. they know your address and phone.. befor you go online.. there are listenin devices all over the town. a flagg pole. the walk light.. they look like normal every day things.. but they can hear you. there are satalites in orbit. that can zoom in and read the new paper right over your shoulder from space. microwaves can even get a copy of your DNA.. yep.. they are watching you
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