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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

JazzRoc said:

You are lying, astroturfing, and skirting my questions once again.

You are a moderator here? You behavior needs moderating by someone truly responsible.

The answer to your questions is that they are just the natural results you get when you burn kerosine in the stratosphere.

This, FOR THE THIRD TIME IN THIS THREAD, is evidenced below in the following atmospheric science research papers.


As evidenced by my comments and replies to you, I'm not lying, astroturfing or skirting your questions.

So, why are they burning kerosene in the stratosphere?

Yes. I am a moderator here. A super RESPONSIBLE moderator at that and, thus, the reason why I was APPOINTED as such.

According to you, my behavior is irresponsible because I question your logic.

Oh, yeah, that's logical.

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