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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

So, why are they burning kerosene in the stratosphere?
To provide the forward THRUST for flight at constant altitude.

Yes. I am a moderator here. A super RESPONSIBLE moderator at that and, thus, the reason why I was APPOINTED as such.
As a moderator you should be setting a standard for the rules of debate. Unfortunately you break many of these rules. Why don't you learn what they are? It will make you a better person in spite of yourself.

According to you, my behavior is irresponsible because I question your logic. Oh, yeah, that's logical.
Science is the best of everyone's logic. You'll have to learn some of it to appreciate it. Its application to our everyday world has brought us out of the Dark Ages.

I don't get Stompk. On one hand, he's trying to be a conspiracy theorist, but on the other hand he's doing the complete opposite. Such as stating that contrails forming into clouds is a myth. Try looking up into the sky on a clear day when the jets are out spraying and you'll see for yourself that it ain't a myth that contrails form into clouds. The eye does not deceive.
The eye SEES, then the brain INTERPRETS. Correctly if it is "well-informed" (educated), incorrectly otherwise.

However, words do and the bunch of mumbo jumbo mathematical information that many of the members here supply us with so as to attempt to confuse our critical thinking and deductive reasoning capabilities.
Science ain't science without the mathematics. Only when you have quantified may you qualify. It makes you put your money where your mouth is. It's worth any effort to improve ones understanding of the way the world is. Information is only part of it. Comprehension is the other part, and that is where you're lacking. Come to think of it, you haven't got the correct information either: chemtrail websites are notoriously and consistently WRONG throughout their content. And, of course, there's your innumeracy...

It's called information overload and/or brain fry. Trust your instincts and not the BS they post. They want you to believe that they are intellectuals in the topic at hand so they copy and paste, but cannot explain anything in their own words.
The journey of three thousand miles begins with but a single step.
I always use my own words - as well as the words of people cleverer, wiser, or better-informed than I am.
Why digress into "intellectualism"? Why not stick to the topic? Perhaps you know too little to debate any further.

KennyWally said: Do you think, that this would actually be broadcast on the mass media teevee? you're kidding, right? For me, I didn't need no stinking math to tell me what I could see. But, nice job, FWIW. They'll only recognize fellow whores, who spin an agenda, truth tellers are not welcome.
You must be out of your mind. This place has a readership of three. Truth tellers are not present.

Good post, Wally. I don't need no stinkin' math to tell me what I see either.
Beauty is, as ever, in the eye of the beholder. Sorry, nose of the beholder. Down, boy (those darned instincts, eh?)!
Send me all your money and I will double it for you.

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