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Default Re: The Theory of Relativity is Wrong.

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Still don't understand where you are coming from jane doe.
She's pointing out that Einstein is a phoney and plagiarised his famous "discoveries" from his girlfriend Mileva Maric and other authors.

Was Albert Einstein a hoax?The basic idea is this: Einstein was a poor student, of average ability. He even failed seventh grade math. There was nothing exceptional about his ability or accomplishments, until he got a job as a low level clerk in the patent office in Bern, Switzerland.
It was during the period that Albert Einstein worked in the patent office that he produced the greatest works of genius in the history of humanity. Does this not strike anybody as strange?
The claim is made that by working in the patent office, Albert Einstein had access to secret documents submitted by the leading scientists of his day. Albert Einstein essentially cut and pasted together these secret documents and published them as his own work. The scientists could hardly complain, as they had patent applications pending in his patent office.

We are taught that Einstein is the author of the Theory of Relativity, yet evidence has come for the proving that the real author was Mileva Maric, Einstein's first wife.

Einstein had a reputation at the Swiss Polytechnic Institute in Zurich of being a man with poor work habits and was often reprimanded for laziness during all his school years, including the University. He developed a romance with classmate Mileva who helped him with his math. His autobiography says "In my work participated a Serbian student Mileva Maric who I married later." She had an illegitimate daughter in 1902, which they gave up for adoption. They got married in 1903, separated in 1912 and divorced in 1919. This is when Einstein married his cousin Elsa. The original manuscript of the *The Theory of Relativity* submitted for publication had Maric's name on it as co-author.

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