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Default Re: Only Users Loose Drugs

Draken wrote:
Hey Yeoshua.

Try reading a little more on these brilliant cultures and you might realise there was more to it than "getting high" for fun. You might realise also that their view of the world, whole attitude towards their God, their transcendent wisdom and the metaphysical reality of their spiritual existence, was TOTALLY DIFFERENT to OUR way of seeing these matters; we are MODERN people, they were TRADITIONAL people. Unfortunately, and in fact probably, we DON'T percieve these realities. We've lost the perception.
I have read much on these cultures Draken, Venus worship, stellar observations, social structures. I do appreciate that the entire culture is not based on psychedelic experiences.

Uriels Machine is a good read for learning about prehistoric European cultures oh, and Venus (some people recon Venus represents Lucifer - the light bringer, so how is the God of Darkness the light bringer???) Anyway, Venus being the divine feminine driving prehistoric cultures who were ruled by the stars and revered the feminine. Not Lilith - but the sacred feminine.

The same revered feminine that is all too lost and not apparent in Henry's Lesbian Feminism writings - which to an extent I wholly agree with.

Anyway, Draken, we have lost the perception, you're right, who says that we shouldn't be able to see the wiring behind the board of the omniverse? I bet we should be able to hear colours too.

So, I just want clarification. Flouride, prevents free and creative thought. Piped through your water supply by the Illuminatus.

LSD - Apparenly peddaled by the CIA therefore the Illuminatus.

So to get this straight, in the 60's and 70's free thought was encouraged?

In the 70's, 80's and 90's creative and spatial thinking has been muted by the proliferation of flouride? fluoxetine etc.......

There's some feckin' contradictions in your arguments people.
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