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Default Re: Does 9/11 Prove US Run by the Mafia?

Originally Posted by kerry View Post
fiest. i denounce the mafia. and the way they are allowed to exist in america.
next. america is a place where we came to. from all parts of the globe. to be free of unfair tax. and prosacutions of all kinds that opose the freedoms of a way of life. and to be free of a dictatorship. which will never exist in america. read the history about imagrents who some even died in the boat trying to come and become american. durin that time there was no freedom execpt in the new land of america. the british when they invaded. in a attempt to create a dictatorship in the new land. faild. as the spanish american war allso faild. the key word here is freedom. to choose without the influence of dictatoeship nations, and all they own is the money they made in the american markit. they even own companys in america. which our freedoms allow them to do. anything they own in america is the results of this. if there was no america it would be just another place with unfair tax and opression of liberity. another thing that will never exist in america. if without this they would only own another infection of high tax opression and depression. with no rights to choose ones own way. if you want this dont look for it in the usa. you wont find it
Yes, our freedoms allow them to do it. OMG. Anything they own in America is the result of this. Sigh.

Lala Land.

British revolution 1688
French Revolution 1788
Greek Independence 1829
Russian Revolution 1917
Spanish Revolution 1936

But these monumental achievements by the people meant nothing for freedom from oppression. It is American Sovereignty that matters most.

Oh, and those darn mafia. Controlling the country. Did they play any role in our sovereignty?? I bet they did.

When will we ever get over ourselves.

This is a GLOBAL conspiracy.
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