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Default Re: Zeitgeist Movie Refuted


You crack me up ihimself!

What a steaming pile of jizz!

After wading through the copious amounts of horsecrap I more than expected, I came across only 4 sentences that 'tried' to answer my question, mind you though it was hard to differentiate from all the other horse manure!

"If you are searching for WRITTEN proof, then follow SCIENCE...PROVEN mathematically, that ALL is ONE. Me, you, the ants, the trees, the air you breathe, the moon, the stars, the planets, the dark space around the is all a PLASMA of LIFE.

THAT is GOD. Not just a great almighty powerful piece of it, like our sun for example. It is ALL ONE PLASMA of LIFE."

PLASMA of LIFE eh? Last night my sprayed my life plasma on your mum's face - and she liked it! Seriously though....WTF?? I love the way you first make a logical sentence about how everything in the universe is made of atoms and how these constantly cycle, in ways we are all one....although you thought you'd call this PLASMA.....again....WTF???

But the beauty is, you like mosts fundaMENTALISTS, took a piece of hard science and in the very next sentence....BAM...."that's god so it is!" Hmm....sorry but that doesn't fly! I could easily switch the word god to me!

I am the PLASMA of LIFE!!! lol

Great proof, I think you should win the Templeton Prize for that one!!

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