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Default Re: Social Engineering & Computer Games

What is the flicker rate of many of these games? 50Hz? 65Hz?

What sounds are programmed into them?

Darkchilde, how are the background textures created? What images can be scanned raytraced or rendered?

Who monitors such games for quality?

What is the effect on an individual of repeating an action over an over and over again?

What is the effect of hearing a sound combined with a flicker over and over and over again?

What is the effect of all of the above combined? Combined with alcohol, cannabis, flouride, mercury?

Now, let's paint a picture, I'm going to stare at a stobe light at 65Hz, with a constant auditory tone at 145Hz, I'm going to partake of some skeletal relaxant and depressant (alcohol) and I'm going to pschedelically alter my conciousness (cannabis), I'm also going to have some of my higer spatial and creative functions muted (flouride).......

I wonder what would happen to me?

I know - nothing, I'm going to play my game, bollocks to it, I'll still watch my flickers, listen to my tones and partake in my chemicals.
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