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Default Re: Mind over matter. Quantum communication.

Originally Posted by JazzRoc View Post
That's what's wrong with your holding beliefs and not trusting in reason, logic, and science. You end up with no judgement.
Your use of the pronoun "you(r)" is inconclusive.

People are also strong and obtain strength with idea(l)s, mathematics, analysis of history and self-preservation, whether it implies a sociological/physical weakness or gramatical inferiority. What is the good of judgement when all of the cosmos reflect influxes and variables? If for one moment "you" and I began to think the same thoughts, there would have been a conjuncture of pure truth between us. I would never deny myself the pleasure of trusting my instincts over written theories. Theories are just as fallible as science. Let's evolve, drop the pronoun "you".

Did you even read the links discussing the vibrations of DNA?
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