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Default Hi I'm Blaggard and I'm..

Noticing things more and more everyday. Things that don't add up. What I'm interested in is the Rule of Law and if it actually applies to anyone. We apparently live in a democratic society but I do not agree with some laws.
These laws will be things like private property ownership, land ownership, freedom of speech and the concealment of semantics.
People are taught to want happiness, and to gain happiness you have to have a family that loves and supports you whilst you work and pay taxes. They are taught that government 'acts' are "laws", not rules that have been agreed upon by those who think they are in power.

I'm starting to think there is a conspiracy of control; create a amiable populous that provides you with wealth and follows your rules.

However I cannot seem to link everything I'm learning and noticing together, which is why I'm here. I want help to understand what's really happening. Who calls the shots and how they are doing it and how they even got into that position.

I'm Blaggard; liberty in all things except that which causes loss to others.

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