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Default Re: Hi, new here. Have stupid questions. Trust no one.

Originally Posted by truebeliever View Post
Dear Billy,

Just what could our Masters ACTUALLY do to stop us?

1) Lock us up for what?
They have power, they decide the Acts and they deceive the populous to believe that these Acts are law so what they are doing is right.

Originally Posted by truebeliever View Post
2) Ban the site...under what law?**
They make the Acts, the only real "law" is common law, which boils down to "don't cause harm to others who haven't agreed to it". If they can make the acts seem like laws to everyone, what's to stop them making a act to stop this forum?

Originally Posted by truebeliever View Post
3) Kill us all...hmmmm, some one might notice. Hard to trace us. "Practically" impossible.
This site may be a honey trap, intended to draw you into a false sense of security. Any slip up and you can be traced easily enough; whether registering with a real email or using your own internet connection.

Originally Posted by truebeliever View Post
**Actually you'd be all for a law would'nt you? And thats the point. "They" ARE seeking too ban "us". And baby **Fur Seal** huggers such as yourself will clap your hands as the Ministry Of Love, under the auspicious's of the free love for all U.N, march us to the gulags. You will even cheer! And that is why I HATE the stupid Left slightly more than the stupid Right.

**I have nothing against Baby Fur Seals personally as long as they keep their filthy agenda to themselves. Innocent looking? Not the ones I know.**

I dislike both in equal measures. Both want to limit your freedoms by thinking that they are right. The people should decide what is right for them; and whilst they follow common law, no-one should have the right to interfere with them.

Rant here

However there is the destruction of nature and the standardisation to think about to make sure that no abuse is realistically possible. That requires socialist standards agency's to enforce things on businesses and the people within that business. However it's ran by humans, people who should be allowed to do what they want.
How can people say "businesses and people are not allowed to do this because we all agree in these standards" when those who would ignore the standards don't agree. Hope for the market to kill them? "They are not standardised, we shouldn't buy their products"; wrong, without any law enforcement they can just pretend they are standardised, which means that the standards agencies will have to work a hell of a lot to call these businesses out. Even then the business can easily change and promote itself as standard.

Law and order is required to keep us advancing as a species, but whilst the belief that we are "free" is a noble thing, if it were real things would go cock up quickly indeed.

Do our leaders know this? Do they spin this tapestry for our own benefit or because they want to line their own pockets? Is there a mixture of both? Do you advance us and line your pockets, using the advancement as a investment? Would our leaders expect compensation for their leadership? What if that leadership isn't wanted?

I've been thinking that the only way to have a free society would be to have a fascist leader; a benevolent fascist. The whole world under one banner, ignoring individuality but advancing and knowing more and more. Is freedom the cost of a higher quality of life?

Is the sacrifice of freedom for safety worth it? The knowledge that you have no choice in what you do because at least this way you'll be happy with a family, working for them and fulfilling the basic needs of humanity.

To allot of people the choice is clear, give up total freedom for the safety and happiness that bowing down provides. The quick easy path that your family has done for generations and there is nothing else you know.

Control brings happiness and safety at the extent of personal freedoms, whilst total freedom brings the ability to abuse and there's no promise of happiness.

The two can never mix because once there is a level of control, people will believe that what they are told is for their own good.
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