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Default Re: Zeitgeist Movie Refuted

you know, common sense just aint that common anymore.

blind faith is believing what is written. What has been told. I care not to believe what has been told, and forced upon the world, whether judaic, christian or muslim. But all three have wonderful texts that should be observed, taught, AND questioned, by all means.

SCIENCE proves that god exists, just as much as it proves that He doesn't.

You search for texts, even demand it, so that you may believe, and then mock blind faith, as if it were any different. Now that is precisely the point that I make, God is not what you are looking for. You are looking for God as that which has been interpreted for you.
An IMAGE of God. But He is ALL images.

There is only life. As it is. There are MUCH more powerful things in this life than others, yet it is still only a part of the whole complexism. I called it a plasma, so that you would understand. A body, so that you may understand.

I call LIFE, god. I am not searching for something SEPERATE from it. Or proof of something seperate from it, in control of it.

LiFe is LiFe. There is no good, or evil. There just is. There is positive and negative energy...male and female....Night and day...but no good or bad. Good and evil are INTERPRETATIONS, that have changed over years from social values, laws, and such, to control the population. ALL is good.

Atheists KNOW this, and CHOOSE to believe that god does NOT exist. There is only LIFE. and that's it.

Where as I believe life iTSELF is God. Because every action has a reaction. Not PUNISHMENT from God, but a punishment from God. lol. It is a LIVING force i CHOOSE to call God. A force that creates, and destroys. The alpha and omega. A force that doesn't favour the reproduction of species, but rather the endless reproduction of endless possibilities.

Refuting god, is refuting LiFE itself. Absurd. Much like your personal attacks.

You can use science to prove God doesn't exist, and live your life as if it were meaningless to the whole body of life, or you can choose this body of life to BE god, and KNOW that you have been BIRTHED to achieve that which was always intended to be achieved. To LiVE.

Life will always find a way, and so far has found you....are you the way???

i IS ALiVE...i IS LiFE...GOD IS LiFE...i IS GOD.

Before there ever was....i AM.

These are MY words....MY interpretation of God. The living force that exists. That we are undeniably a part of.

Your brain cells die off every day. Obviously quite a bit for you. They have their own growth, their own life, and die in their own time. Who/What is god to these cells?..your brain? But if your heart brain cannot function, and will die soon after. If your liver fails, your heart will stop, and your brain will die. So many factors determine the life of these cells, even though they have their own life. Who/What is God to your brain cells?


You can take it as...there IS no God for your brain cells, and it is all meaningless....OR.....The WHOLE BODY is GOD to your brain cells, far more powerful as ONE, than individually.

Take away our sun...and we die...take away our moon...and we die...take away our stars, or our saturn, our PLUTO even, and eventually....we will die. It is all ONE BODY of LiFE. As humans on this planet, we hardly compare to the powers of the mentioned. But we are just as important and relevant to this LiFE as the Sun. TOGETHER we are GOD.

A part of HIM...we ARE Him.

That, my science.
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