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Default Re: The Theory of Relativity is Wrong.

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
Both theories circulate on the net. I'm insufficiently schooled in quantum mechanics to judge the theory of relativity from a physics point of view, but I do believe there are valid reasons to suggest that Einstein plagiarised at least some of his work.
Every scientist does that. "Shoulders of giants", etc., etc. There wouldn't be many practising scientists if science had to be derived from a cave-dwelling existence.

The important point (that seems to have escaped you entirely) is that he was accepted and honored by his peers and professionals in many related fields. He and the body of his work was known by a community of talented people, any one of which would have given their eyeteeth to make the distinctions he made and draw the conclusions that he drew.

He was a Nobel prizewinner. He "won". Everybody else "lost". But we all won as a consequence.
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