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Default Re: Contrails cannot form into clouds (proof!)

Oh, gee, thanks for clearing that up.
You asked, I answered.

Excuse me, but I am the SUPER MODERATOR of this forum because I do set a standard for the rules of debate and, I don't break any of those rules regardless of what you think.
What are the rules of debate?

We're not talking about science.
Oh, yes, we are. Well I am. You're talking pseudoscience.

We're talking about how you said that my behavior was irresponsible because I question your logic.
Suggesting cloud-seeding is weather modification IS irresponsible of you. Especially when you won't concede that almost the whole of human activities ARE modifying the weather.

Try sticking with the topic instead of changing the subject. We're not out of the dark ages.
Two lies.

The eye sees the contrails/chemtrails, whatever you care to call them and the brain interprets them correctly.

No it doesn't. You believe that the trail materials are emitted by the engines, when 99.99% of the materials are precipitated out of and reabsorbed back into the air. THAT is a failure to interpret what you see.

However, words do and the bunch of mumbo jumbo mathematical information that many of the members here supply us with so as to attempt to confuse our critical thinking and deductive reasoning capabilities. I'm not lacking anywhere, but you are. Come to think of it, you haven't got the corect information for anything.
Strange you should say that, for I (with many others, of course) designed and tested blades for jet engines, running the motors within a supersonic wind tunnel built within a fir forest in Hampshire in the early sixties. Loads of meaningless mumbo-jumbo later, aircraft like the Harrier and the Concorde turned up out of the blue. It must have been the magic spell we cast.

It's called information overload and/or brain fry.
Your description of effort?

Trust your instincts and not the BS they post.
Yes, hard-working successful people are full of bullshit. I get your drift.

They want you to believe that they are intellectuals in the topic at hand so they copy and paste, but cannot explain anything in their own words.
That looks sick every time I explain something, doesn't it?

All you have to do to check what I say is look it up in any library.

I digress into intellcutialism because that is where my brain resides and I always stick to the topic, but you don't. Obviously, you know too little to debate any further.
You can't even spell the word. I have forgotten more than you will ever know.

Truth tellers are present on this forum, but, you ain't one of them so I suggest you go away. This forum has a very large readership.
I am here for reasons nothing to do with you. No more lies, please.

There will be no money forthcoming. We know when someone is spewing BS and that would be you.
Your multiple personalities missed the joke?

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