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Default Re: Martin Luther King Jr. the Amerikan Traitor

You know what Draken, what you are saying is either ignorance or arrogance!

You have not checked first hand any evidence connecting him with the communits, that's for one, secondly you have ignored the clear confirmation of the FBI that they found NO EVIDENCE AT ALL against MLK!

So now what is this confidence you are speaking in? what makes you so sure that these writers are not exagerating or accusing MLK unjustly? how are you gonna answer to God on the day of judgment? what's wrong with your logic!!

As for you truebeliever, you seem to need an idol to worship instead of God, it's like "Get me an infallible man and i will fall prostrate before him" !

Do you really think there are infallibles on earth? i challenge you that there were, are and will never be human beings who are not fallible.

I imagine that if you think deeply about your relationships with the people, you will find alot of idolworship, Yeoshua said it right "Never below you, never above you, always equal" if you understand this, you will finally find the true god, and will earn a ticket to Heaven, if not then you have reserved a place in Hell.

As for you nohope who are spreading hearsay without any first hand evidence, repent if you believe in God or does your name fit?

P.s: a challenge for you all who are pasting pages of worthless accusations, get me a clear passage from his writings, speeches or any part of his MESSAGE that proves without doubt your false accusations, begin here if you dare:
God\'s alternative, USN

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