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Default Re: Does 9/11 Prove US Run by the Mafia?

Originally Posted by kerry View Post
there is no such thing as Organizing Crime because crime is not a Organization. ant it is not a culture. what it is .. is a criminal conspireacy to commit crime. what ever books you seen that white wash what the mafia realy is copy pok. they are liers-murderors-corruption-tyhey are nuthing but common criminals.. and i sead that to there face. and i spit on them. they are cowards and a parrasite on nthe leegal system. the usa can live without them.
Okay, fair enough kerry.

But what about the money laundering?

What about the legitimate businesses run by the Mafia bosses they invested their money in?

Do they have no say in the matter of how their enterprises are run?

For an organisation that in the past has routinely manipulated US trade union organisations for its own gain, why is it they can't manipulate the world of business through the corporations they own?

For me one thing must surely follow the other.
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