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Default Re: December 27... U.S To Be Nuked?

I cannot imagine any real American taking the risk to concoct/agree with such diabolical plan just to make easier its President`s job...
It has been many years since those in control of this country were "real Americans". Those who aren't working directly for the Illuminati and NWO like Henry Kissinger are mind-controlled robots. That the Republican members of Congress would go along with Bushco's admonitions not to ratify the succession plans does not mean that they were fully aware of the danger that they were imposing upon the country. Even if some had some latent doubts, the Cynthia McKinney persecution would most likely have suppressed those doubts and brought them quickly back into compliance. These are weak, vain, superficial people at best, even more sheeple than the uninformed electorates that they claim to "represent".
I have no remaining illusions about fine distinctions between Freemasonry and the Illuminati, but even if I did, George W. Bush as a member of Skull and Bones is advanced well beyond the average drunken, adulterous Shriner on the overall scale of Satanism. Still, I don't discount the notion of his own mind control as Fritz Springmeier has described, wherein he may be able to manifest multiple personalities, some which even mimic Christian patriotism and fool many into thinking that there is some level of true relgious nationalism to his madness. IMHO, there is a further corroboration of Christ's scriptural prophecy that "the very elect shall be deceived." It is true that some of the founding fathers, like Washington and John Quincy Adams, eventually came to recognize the evils of Freemasonry and its ties to the Illuminati through the corrupting influences of the French lodges, but in the current era, I believe those fine lines of moral distinction are hopelessly blurred.
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