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Default Re: Martin Luther King Jr. the Amerikan Traitor

Ahemd, i've been pretty reasonable with you.

You have insulted MY religious beleifs since you got here...constantly.

Thats O.K. I mean you're words on a monitor.

It's funny that you seem the most intolerent here at times while at other times you say good things.

I guess you are not infallible.

As for me needing an idol to worship? I worship God quite well without the image of Christ on my mind. In fact i speak with God regularly.

I fear it is you Ahmed who needs to re-read the Quaran and perhaps the N.T even.

I dont claim to be a holy man sent to preach the word of maybe you need to start living up to the status you equate yourself.

You have a great love for the idiot who actually has the nerve to call himself Yeoshua...i prefer FMB...a more apt description of his inablity to stand alone before God but instead beg allegience to a secret society.

Perhaps you 2 should get together?

You are a thinking person Ahmed. You are not much of a feeling person. You prefer an intellectual argument...hence your desire to find truth through a number...a most fundamentalist fault.

The Quaran is definately a thinking persons religion. Solid rules set in a nice order. I like it.

However the unending compassion of Christ is what works for me as well as his intellectual capacity. A far more well rounded combination.

Peace to YOU Ahmed. I hope you find whatever surety you're looking for. Sincerely.
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