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Default Re: Only Users Loose Drugs

Well ya see Drak...while you're off ya fickin tit's on drugs and listening to shit music down at Woodstock...ya aint reading books and ya aint attending a public meeting on who should be elected to the local council.

Other people, particularly the banking and financial sector make a killing and society crumbles with the illegality of the substance and all the trouble that causes. Thanx for the Police State excuse.

Anyone who cant work that out would have to be a drop dead fucking idiot of the NWO inspiring, Mason fraternity of foolhardy child molesters.

Only an alledged Mason idiot would fail to get the powerful point of the controlling and disrupting influence of drugs.

Whether war or drugs...just another way to rechannel peoples energies away from things that matter.

You like your drugs dont you Free Mason Boy?

Do your superiors know about this? Of course they do. They launder most of the drug money.

Idiot. Useful one though.

[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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