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Default Re: Zeitgeist Movie Refuted

It is MY interpretation of God. He is EVERYTHING and NOTHING. He is in OUR image, and in ALL images.

You are absolutely right. He is indeed that sound, and ALL sounds. ALL molecules, and NO molecules. Are your blood cells, YOU? Or an insignificant PART of you? Because there is nothing insignificant about any ATOM that makes Let alone a blood cell.

I use the analogy of the body to describe what God is, because that is how this universe works. Your heart is a god to your body, like our sun. Without it, we perish. As is the brain, the kidney, all various organs constitute a God to our body. Which brings light to various religions that assumed planets, or the sun, as god. But science has proved that ALL, including NOTHING, is ONE.

If there is a universe beyond ours, which I have no doubt that there is, and I were to use the same pattern that exists within this one, then it is still a part of LIFE itself. Another organ, another molecule, or atom.

No matter what...ALL is ONE.

Not One Nation under God....but ONE life AS God.
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