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Default Re: All Scientists on This Forum Please Check in Here!

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
But BlueAngel, you are missing the point surely?

Any truly qualified scientist wouldn't even dare say these things, or at least some of the things I've been saying.......

Scientists in general have a problem gaining any funding. Saying these things would be a PR suicide!

The only scientists who would be willing to say this would have retired many years ago, but even then old habits die hard.
Good cover story but, I highly doubt any truly qualified scientist is a member of this forum and/or one would be a member of this forum saying these things which would result in a PR suicide.

Besides, what things are being said that would result in a scientist's PR suicide if there were one posting on this forum?

Obviously, there aren't any truly qualified scientists who are members of this forum or retired scientists, either.

So, no, I haven't missed the point.

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