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Default This is Japanese Mafia (Yakuza).

This is Japanese Mafia (Yakuza).

Japan's Conspiracy (4) P1

You may think that ordinary Japanese know very well what yakuza is.

But unfortunately, you are wrong.

Personally, I have been investigating yakuza for more than 30 years.

Yet, I know little of it. And I have recently known how much I had been deceived through Japanese media.

But let me talk about a short story.

In Japan, when you work for a car dealer and are asked if you like Yakuza, how do you reply?

If you say, "Excuse me, I hate yakuza. They are disgusting", your boss will say, "That's good. you are brave enough to say your true feelings. I think, you are the right person to promote car sales to yakuza."

And if you say, "Well I like them", your boss will say, "Me, too." That's all.

Generally speaking, young workers do not understand the true meaning of the supervisor's response.

Generally speaking, it takes about 20 years to know the real message from the boss.

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