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Default Re: Lawyers, Guns & Money: Rogue CIA Code Of Silence

Gotta letter saying how many ways its author was disappointed in me - that I had said I was in a shooting war in the Bay of Pigs, Cuba, May '61, and that I must have been in the missiles crisis of October '62, where there wasn't a shot fired, and that would explain why I had repeatedly said that I had neither received nor returned any enemy fire (with 'Molly', my Browning Automatic Rifle - named after my first dog, who was also my first security guard).

'Couldn't have been in the Bay of Pigs', because he (is not a vet) 'heard from many military sources and newspapers that "no Americans participated in the Bay of Pigs"... So, "that would explain why Molly (my 'impotent' Browning Automatic Rifle) hadn't seen any action".

Letter also said I got kicked out of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, for not having been in the Bay of Pigs, like I had said I was - that "You're not eliigible for the V.F.W. if you were only in the Missile Crisis of October '62."

I told 'em that the Navy lied when they left the Bay of Pigs invasion out of my service record, and that it was a cover up. That I was doing classified reconnaissance operations before and during the Bay of Pigs 'debacle' in May of '61. They said, "Who are we gonna believe - you or the Navy?"
This was back in '85, a quarter century after the Bay of Pigs.

Letter writer (30 years my junior and a third larger than I) went on to say that he'd been making inquiries of some of my old ship mates, and hearing that I was a poor Sailor, known for exaggerating, fictionalizing, malingering and otherwise making up false stories, and, that I had been trying to get post traumatic stress disorder compensation for my experiences in the Bay of Pigs (actually, documentation proves over a dozen other stressors - for which I have PTSD claim appeals pending), but I was written up for 'paranoid schizophrenia', and that's why I was drawing social security disability payments from the federal government since '71, while I told people I was getting payments for post traumatic stress disorder - 'to avoid the stigma of paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis' (actually, the federal PTSD program didn't exist until the early '80s; neither did I apply for it until '96, when I was diagnosed with PTSD, by Vets Admin. Dr. Katherine Yoon, of Fort Ord, CA.).

Letter writer also said that I (wrote a 'Novel-Journal' that said ) I 'murdered' a man when I was 14 years old - the specifically described 'novel journal' also clarifies that this novel-based incident occurs in a 'recurrent dream sequence'; in a clearly defined context of self defense.

Letter writer went on to say that when my typewriter (also 'Molly') said she 'cleaned his plough', it must mean she made whoopee with him, because he heard I 'had a homosexual experience' in the service, and that surely it mustn't mean that I could whip him, because I must know that he could 'bury me, straight up',

Anyway, long before this more recent contorted missive of the 21st century - back in the '80s when I got kicked out of the Veterans of Foreign Wars for 'ineligibility', I went to the congressman of the 17th federal district and asked him to ask the Navy Dept. what was up with them not saying anything about the Bay of Pigs on my DD 214 service record.

At that time, the congressman of the 17th federal district was Leon E. Panetta. He wrote the Navy a letter of inquiry and they wrote back saying they had never heard of me being in the Bay of Pigs. I said "They're covering it up". Congressman L. E. Panetta said, "Who am I going to believe, Mr. Robertson - you or the Navy Department?" His secretary at that time, Mary Beck, heard us arguing and made another inquiry of the Navy Department, which remarkably responded with the attached - finally declassified (rare) - documents...

Scan pg 1 72.jpg
(391KB) Scan pg 2 72.jpg
(173KB) Scan pg 3 72.jpg

Mr. Panetta thereafter went on to become the Whitehouse Chief of Staff under the Clinton Administration, and is presently the C.I.A. Director under the Obama Administration...

Now, when someone says, "No Americans participated in the Bay of Pigs", I reply:
"Who you gonna believe, the mud-slinging, tale-spinning hecklers that write nasty letters (on and off the net), or the incumbent Director of the Central Intelligence Agency?" Ostensibly, 'malingerers', and other 'incredible' military personnel are not selected for (E-3) command authority responsibilities, which I carried out on boat duty - and as an artillery 1st loader - for three and a half years.


A Classified letter (the response to which is in a qualfied pending status) follows:

Dear Navy Personnel Command Staff:

Enclosed, please find my DD 214 and three other documents including my 25 year belated form DD 215 , with two accompanying documents contingent to the DD 215.
In February March and April of 1961, months prior to the failed invasion of May '61, I drove boats and reconnaissance personnel to classified locations on the island of Cuba. We were told that these activities were training excersizes, though, in retrospect we learned otherwise; namely, that we were gathering pre invasionary information.

I was responsible for and obliged to stay with my boat at all times. Many of my passengers wore civilian clothes and carried non issue small arms and equipment. Reconnaissance patrols were usually deployed at night, while in daylight hours, my LCVP boat (carried 32 fully oufitted passengers) was secluded on small rivers and estuary inlets under the cover of heavy foliage.

On what proved to be our last mission, over a dozen men were deployed from my boat in daylight hours; shortly thereafter a heavy exchange of small arms and 60mm mortar fire was clearly audible for about ten minutes duration. Although I've never been personally targeted by or returned enemy fire, I have been surrounded by it on over a half dozen reconnaissance missions similar to that described here.

The assigned time for their return came and went. the incident was reported by radio; at which time we were ordered to leave the area, w'out determining whether or not there were any W.I.A. or K.I.A., although the fire-fight occurred at a close enough proximity to include stray rounds raking the heavy undergrowth at our position. We had no 'visuals' on the enemy, could therefore not determine friend from foe and consequently could not return fire. We were obliged to retire from our entrenchment.

One of the objectives of this communication is to inquire if you have access to any correlating records.

The Bay of Pigs theater began to be declassified in September of '85 that I know of, in accordance with the enclosed/attached documents.

I am respectfully,
Kent Robertson, BMSN E-3 Striker
522-33-40 U.S.N. Coxswain

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