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Default Re: Martin Luther King Jr. the Amerikan Traitor

Just listen to yourselves guys!

Alot of generalizing, stereotyping, broad judgments....WHY?

Where is fairness? where is compassion? where is MERCY?

So Draken thinks i am attacking him so he turns the table and bring up another false accusation against Rashad Khalifa!? again and again, have you ANYTHING against his MESSAGE? or "let's forget about the message and discuss his love affairs" !! how relevant is it? true or not, it's not the issue!

If your son, daughter or wife or even your parents did a grave mistake, would you give up on them COMPLETELY ?

Why are you so excited to condemn a man who wrote against communism? what makes you so sure!

BTW, I don't need any religious leader to tell me about God, God will lead me to Him without "help". Why do you defend MLK so much?
How arrogant of you Draken! it's like you are in the middle of a flood and refuse the hand of the recue worker! maybe you will then say "I don't need your help, i am waiting for God's help" well, what if this rescue team were sent by God to HELP YOU?

you mean to say, Ahmad, that you trust the FBI?
It's you who trust the FBI! and that's why i drew your attention to the fact that the same FBI NEVER found any solid evidence against him. Or would you tell me who brought the accusation of communism that you now uphold?

By saying it's hearsay, disinfo, character assassination. But what about the FACTS, Ahmad? The rape case, the dodgy affiliations to fake religion like the Baha'i faith?
the RAPE case? has he ver been charged of anything? eventhough it's totally evil to ignore the message and focus on other issues, i told you before that the Sunni muslims of Tuscon are said to have schemed this plot against, it was not easy for someone to come and say "You are worshipping Muhammad, you are not real muslims" so they did it and eventually murdered him.

Now you are joining his killers, you embrace vicious lies WITHOUT any solid evidence! why again? is it too late for you, or is the message what bothering you so you turn to character assasination to debunk it!

Until you do give me anything substantial, I can't take you seriously, Ahmad.
Well i am not a guardian over you, i just deliver to you the MESSAGE and it's YOUR responsbility to verify that MESSAGE by yourself, if you don't then don't say i didn't warn you of the consequences on the day of judgment, bear witness that i am a Submitter to God alone, i believe in his messengers, proofs and messages.


As for me needing an idol to worship? I worship God quite well without the image of Christ on my mind. In fact i speak with God regularly.
Just listen to yourself, "Jesus is infallible", "He is God incarnate"..etc

Do you think it's my hobby to point fingers! i just advise you, perhaps you don't like advisors.

I dont claim to be a holy man sent to preach the word of maybe you need to start living up to the status you equate yourself.
I never claimed to be a holy man, i am a human being same like you! i have my mistakes too!!. Why is it hard for you to understand that it is a satanic idea to think that there are holy, infallible, untouchable saints around!

You have a great love for the idiot who actually has the nerve to call himself Yeoshua...i prefer FMB...a more apt description of his inablity to stand alone before God but instead beg allegience to a secret society.
How ignorant are you both, you generalize and put the people in one basket. There are million reasons for somebody to join the freemasons, just joining doesn't mean he is evil!. I have a good idea for you both trubeliever and Draken, perhaps Submission is a communist front! or better a freemason secret satanic dark occult terrorist moloch worshipper, new age CULT ???!!!

What is this exactly? do you think the false accusations are an easy thing? why don't you value your words, and think twice before condemning people? would the Germans, the Japanese, the Americans have done all the atrocities if they reverenced their Lord and were carefull before accusing, killing and torturing people? or what about the Jews and Jesus? if you both lived in those times, i wonder which side would you have taken!
God\'s alternative, USN

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