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Default Re: Martin Luther King Jr. the Amerikan Traitor

I said:

BTW, I don't need any religious leader to tell me about God, God will lead me to Him without "help". Why do you defend MLK so much?

You said:
How arrogant of you Draken! it's like you are in the middle of a flood and refuse the hand of the recue worker! maybe you will then say "I don't need your help, i am waiting for God's help" well, what if this rescue team were sent by God to HELP YOU?

Only I might NOT be in the middle of a flood and don't want to take the hand of the one who wants to pull me into it.

How do you know if I read and in that case what I read? You have no idea! You just assume I haven't understood anything. Not very humble, Ahmad. I had a lot of time for you, you know that. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and gave you ALL THE OPPORTUNITIES to convince me in serious, honest discussion. All you gave as the BEST explanation was "19", as if THAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE IN THE Q'URAN!!!

If you can't do better than THAT, Ahmad, then you're not the Messenger you so selfindulgently believe you are.

Can't you just accept that I have my convictions and reasons for saying what I say, like you? I will NEVER let myself be talked into or bullied - as it starts to feel - into anything that does not harmonize with my personal experience, Ahmad.

The more you talk of "redemption", "consequences", "day of jugdement" and put me in the same box as killers and murderers, the more I resist you and what you say. It doesn't help your mission of Messenger of God, in fact, you're counterproductive, in which case I start to doubt your motives.

I'm past caring that YOU call me evil. Ok, I'm evil. I'm the devil himself, Ahmad. You're right.

I will NEVER follow Submission, how's that?

I'll stick to the proven Paths to God, thank you very much.
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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