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Default Re: So, About the H1N1 Virus.

When you say that you don't know who the "THEY" are that I refer to in my last post, are you referencing my comment wherein I say that "it ain't me; it's them?"

In this respect, I am referring to the fact that the CDC informed us that those who would be most afffected by the Swine Flu would be people who were in their 20's and those who have underlying health conditions, but the vaccinations were also given to infants; three year olds, elementary school children, etc.

So, I'm saying "it ain't me who isn't understanding what they say.

I'm saying, "it's THEM," the CDC and all other health organizations; politicians, etc., because of the misinformtion they spread in order to cause mass fear so the people will follow their suggestions without thinking for themselves.

Just curious.

How may congress people received the H1N1 vaccination?
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