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Default Re: Banned, banned and more banned

Originally Posted by superted View Post
The majority of my posts have been about conspiracies so my reason is obviously to discuss and post with members blueangel.

I am just trying to get my head around the 'office politics' of this forum, and it all seems to involve yourself blueangel. The last time I checked sarcasm and poor sarcasm are still sarcasm. I think your problem is that you can't admit when you've made a mistake and just come clean and apologise. You are a mod after all, you've been given a lot of power but it should not be abused.
You've been posting on this forum without incident, so I fail to see how you have a problem with the office politics.

I'm moderating a forum, pal, and it's not about power, but if you continue to harrass me, I'll have to use my POWERS on you and it won't be considered an abuse of my power.

It will be considered due diligence.

Here is another of commonsense's posts:

PLASMA of LIFE eh? Last night my sprayed my life plasma on your mum's face - and she liked it! Seriously though....WTF?? I love the way you first make a logical sentence about how everything in the universe is made of atoms and how these constantly cycle, in ways we are all one....although you thought you'd call this PLASMA.....again....WTF???

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