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Default Re: Zeitgeist Movie Refuted

Firstly, hahahaha to being banned.. but anyway, ill answer your rubbish.

Originally Posted by commonsense View Post
Well MY interpretation of GOD is a dude that doesn't bother me throughout life.
Is He a Dude? An imaginary deity? ok....go on..

Originally Posted by commonsense View Post
I can do anything I choose to be moral, like raping children which is actually a good thing in MY interpretation.
There is no right or wrong...there just is.
But every action has a reaction. That is physics. So just be prepared for the wrath that follows your....goodness.

Originally Posted by commonsense View Post
Also in MY interpretation of GOD I go to heaven automatically since I AM in his IMAGE. But nobody else goes to heaven, but limbo instead.
There is NO heaven. There is only NOW.
And, yes, you are in His image. Fatally flawed, ignorant, and offensive, but yes, nonetheless, in His image. And I assure you, most are already in limbo...go on...

Originally Posted by commonsense View Post
ihimself though, in MY interpretation of GOD goes straight to hell, does not collect 200! Why? Because he's the craziest weirdo I've met online in quite sometime!! .
Hahaha. nice. But there is no hell. There is only NOW.

Originally Posted by commonsense View Post
And I AM totally 100% CORRECT because my argument can bend to anything you through at it, because GOD can bend the rules of PHYSICS, and most importantly it's MY INTERPRETATION.
Yes i through at it. hahahaha. Weirdo or not, at least I can spell. And God doesn't bend the rules of physics. He is the epitomy of physics. Simple, pure, and true. The magic of god is far greater than your little imaginations of the impossible.

As the dictionary suggests, and you have so... eloquently pointed out, God may be interpreted in all sorts of ways. But beliefs in magical powers and potions, above and beyond all scientific explanation, or, as your name suggests, common sense, is ......well.....a delusion. A false God.

So....who cares what YOUR interpretation is. It's not even real.

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