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Originally Posted by Blaggard View Post
So don't our governments just leave out details?
Is that right?
Give me a minute, Blaggard.

I was editing my post.

You make a good point and I wanted to elaborate further than just responding with, "that would be referred to as leaving out the details."

If the mother asks you if her son suffered and you reply, "no," I'm not certain if this lie is to protect yourself from having to be the one to cause/witness her pain in knowing the truth or to protect her from feeling pain and anguish or, perhaps, both.

In either event, I assume that the lie would serve one of those purposes.

However, if she finds out later that you lied and learns that her son did, in fact, suffer and must go through another grieving process, she might resent you and you might resent yourself for lieing.

Or, she might understand your motive.

I guess the reaction depends upon the individual who has been lied to and learns the truth.


The government lies to us all the time; however, I wouldn't agree that most of the time they leave out details to protect us.

Most of the time, they leave out details to protect themselves.
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