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Default Re: 10 Things The Government Does Not Want You To Know About Swine Flu (H1N1) Vaccine

Originally Posted by superted View Post
dear god, what a gross misunderstanding of a simple concept! Due to 1000s of years of micro human immuno evolution between the native Americans and Europeans due to the Atlantic ocean, the natives had never come into contact with these completely natural viruses before and so had not built up maternal supported immune defences like the Europeans. Simple as that! You've totally misunderstood and then skewed it to assume HIV was man-made....crazy!
where did I say HIV was man-made? All I was pointing out, which you falsely claim was mere coincidence, that the Spanish almost annihalated the entire native population with all sorts of viruses.

Perhaps not developed in a controlled laboratory, they were, nonetheless, isolated, and unleashed as a weapon. Not coincidence. I know, I know, the powers that be would never do something like that. Jumping to conclusions, my bad.

HIV falls into a different category. For one, the tests they use to confirm positivity, are flawed. This is common knowedge.

I'm still trying to find the skew.

I find it still hard to believe aids even exists. All it takes is a few doctors, lined to some powerful drug networks, agreeing to a formula, and voila!! An industry is born. Like cancer.

Most HIV positive patients themselves have said they were pretty healthy before they were told they had HIV and began their drug induced AIDS. <---THERE's the skew!!! HA!!
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