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Originally Posted by Blaggard View Post
If the government doesn't protect itself then the protection racket money we give them may be better of with a government that does protect itself.
Governments only goal is to gain as much power over as many people as possible because it is a protection racket. We decide when the racket goes too far at times but we have to accept there is some things that if the public knew, the public would be at threat.

And regarding the mother: You make possibilities of failure of the lie. If the lie worked and she never found out; living in comparative bliss. If the lies work you never hear of them working, if they've been covered up so well as if to seem like truth, what harm?
With lying you make a massive gamble between "total ignorance" or "full exposure" and sometimes the person who has to talk would rather everyone be in ignorance to make it easier for everyone involved.
She wouldn't be living in bliss and if she never learned the truth, you would have to live with the lie.
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