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1) It was a simile. Sheltered from pain people are happy. Why take away their ability to be happy by telling them the truth?
2) Let's assume some conspiracy theories are correct, such a Zionism and the NWO. It is very easy to argue that they do things for personal gain; but there is a limit to this. For example we take into account British Colony's, such as Rhodesia. The British invaded and took control for wealth and personal profit however in doing so, as soon as the population fell into line and did what they were told too, they made countries into economic powerhouses with schools and library's and other wonderful things of culture.
History has shown that capitalist empires can rule people for everyone's benefit. With no dissenters the quality of life grows for all of them.

These conspiracy theories revolve around capitalistic empire growth. If they were to take control our culture would evolve and quality of life increase. More happiness, and that's all people want out of life, to be happy.
If they have to lie to be able to get to the position to seize power, but ultimately benefit everyone, isn't it a good thing?
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