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Originally Posted by Blaggard View Post
Combined with cultural evolution and education increases, such as evident in the British colonial expansions, we'd be on the right track.

We hide ourselves from pain all the time. The more we don't know of what pain we should have the less we will have it.
How many things does the government hide from you do you don't experience pain?
The failures of the "banking" system we have now is just ran by short term profit mongers; the ones who are believed to pull the strings and to make long term plans for the evolution of society control these recessions, the pain they choose to inflict upon the world.

Pain for a purpose. A populace in pain isn't productive or profitable. A populous who is amiable and stupid whilst happy and care free will profit the puppet master much more. Benefits for both parties. The pain the caused now may be a intended pain, something beyond our understanding for we are not privy to thousands of years of planning.
The populace is in pain, pal, and the government hasn't done anything to shelter them from it.

They caused it.

The pain the government created now may be an intended pain, something beyond our understanding, you say.



I just explained to you how I understood it, so it isn't beyond my understanding.

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