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Because you took it out of context.

I was musing on the state of society and how it would react to a government who would fix problems.

I came to the conclusion that politicians only want power and that acting in a way which will fix that particular problem would be considered cold hearted, callous, evi.
If these rulers were in a different time period, such as churchill being in the period of ww2 and not the period of the falklands war, they would be considered proud, thoughtful, for the people.

So to get re-elected they fail to combat the problem seriously and it just becomes worse.
If they fix the problem they will have dogma and programtism sticking to them whether they like it or not they wanted it. The eyes of the media may have done horrible things to them; destroyed reputations and honour.
Who would vote for a honourless fiend who commited such an such an act in this year?

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