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Default Re: Hi I'm Blaggard and I'm..

Originally Posted by Blaggard View Post
Why do you not argue my arguements? This is a conspiracy forum is it not?

Have you never considered that those who seek to control you also seek to provide you with happiness?

A happy population is a more easily controlled population.
Excuse me, but if you fail to see that I have argued your arguments, you apparently do not see that which stares you in the face.

It has nothing to do with whether or not this is a conspiracy forum.

How telling.

Blaggard states that those who seek to control ME also seek to provide me with happiness.

WHO are those who seek to control me?

The CIA/Mafia who used me in child pornography?

Sorry, pal, but I'm just not a happy camper when someone tries to control me and, furthermore, no one provides another with happiness by controlling them.

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