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You don't fall in line like you should.

I can think of many excuses for going after children in a sexual way; however children have been classified as learners. Anything that disrupts the teachings to the children is a potential threat for futore skills base and thus a threat to the futore values worth.

Ergo; screw with children you could be damaging us in 30 years time; we don't want you damaging our most valuable resources. Damage them and you get fucked.

You get fucked so that everyone will know what will happen if you shag a child.

It has been mutually agreed between all members of your community that for certain reasons child sex is wrong and you get punished for doing it. This is for the benefit of everyone, so everyone can be happy and continue to live ignorantly and amiably.

You don't make it look like control; but it is control. You make it look like everyone agreed to it and you learn why it was a good thing to agree upon.

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