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Default Re: Hi I'm Blaggard and I'm..

Blueangel - I started reading from the start of this thread, blaggard was actually making sense you when you said he contradicted himself (on two separate notable occasions), he had in fact not contradicted himself - you only misunderstood what he was trying to convey.

I had planned on going into both of these examples but as I neared the end of the thread I noticed blaggard started on about sex with children....why I'm not sure and I actually agree he should have been banned! His/her last 4/5 posts don't actually make any sense, but his previous did.

Here's a thought, you started to be rude to him pretty early on in this thread. Assuming you were 100% correct and that he was wrong (not so the case) and maybe he/she just thought, screw it, and went off on one and subsequently got themselves banned...what you think?

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